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BioScalar Technology to
Rejuvenate Your
Body & Mind


Are you experiencing headaches, migraines, immune deficiency, illness, anxiety, chronic conditions? These conditions can be alleviated through the power of our RAYD8 REGEN technology.

What is RAYD8® REGEN?

RAYD8® REGEN is an industrial strength BioScalar, BioMagnetic and Natural Frequency Rejuvenation Technology invented by Brad Johnson. Using simple display screens aligned together in a geometrical pattern, the cells of your body become recharged and revitalized aiding your body's natural recovery and increased vitality. RAYD8® REGEN also works with centering the mind and bringing you into deep meditative states calming and relaxing you to increase the effectiveness of the healing process.

RAYD8® REGEN is a new technology in the alternative medicine field and is currently offering a commercial licensing program to business owners who can use this miraculous technology within their own establishments.

What RAYD8 REGEN can do for you...


Improves Immune System
Our technology can help you to elevate all forms of immune cells and increase immune system efficiency.


Restore Energy Levels

RAYD8® REGEN works with BioScalar and amplified natural frequencies to recharge your body's cells to optimal levels so that your body can self-heal.


Resolves Chronic Pain

From aches, sores, stiffness, tension and fatigue, you leave RAYD8® REGEN fully restored and free of discomfort!


Balances the Brain

RAYD8® REGEN is designed to balance brain hemispheres, awaken dormant areas of the brain and increase brainwave activity.


Enhances Energy System

Chakra centers, acupuncture meridians, nadi flow channels, prana systems... All energy systems in your body are replenished and balanced with RAYD8® REGEN.

What RAYD8® REGEN Offers...


Visit our Inaugural Center in Langley, British Columbia, Canada

Our inaugural center is based in the lower mainland of BC, Canada and we welcome guests from all over to visit our center located in the creator of RAYD8®, Brad Johnson's residence. Click below to see the services offered through our first RAYD8® REGEN Center.


View our other Affiliate Centers from all over the world and book RAYD8® REGEN with them!

Affiliate centers in different areas around the world offer our RAYD8® REGEN technology for you. See our growing list of health and wellness centers offering RAYD8® REGEN services.


Register for our RAYD8 REGEN Licensing Program

We offer the RAYD8® REGEN Video Software through licensing for both businesses and private homes. If you're interested in becoming a member of RAYD8® REGEN and are interested in using this life-changing technology, click below and begin the application process.

Take a Video Tour of our RAYD8® REGEN Center Location and see what this Technology can do for you...

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